What you need to know about Albert Kahn the photographer

Starting wholesale jerseys China out wholesale jerseys as cheap jerseys a Herstellung bank SRBIJA clerk Benefits in Paris, Albert Kahn the photographer was the 4th child of his cattle dealer father and Babette, his mother. He decided upon becoming a photographer early in 1860. He was a wealthy French banker, who wanted to create a photographic record of the world. Albert Kahn the photographer was smart and liked mixing in intellectual circles, wanting to promote higher education. The first successful colour photography process for commercial purposes set him on the road to documenting human life and to also promote peace. He commissioned a host of photographers to many different countries to take thousands of photographs. This collection of images was to become an important portfolio of images portraying human history. He died during the Nazi occupation of France in 1940. The 2016 winner of the Albert Kahn prize is chosen based on certain criteria such as artistic talent and their concern for social problems. This year there were 3 winners who each received $12,000 grants to help them with their artistic careers. Kahn award recipients are chosen among others, by members of the Kahn family.

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