Who Helped Create the Albert Kahn Archives?

Who is not familiar with the name Albert Kahn, a famous French Banker and philanthropist. tIt was in the year 1909 that the French banker Albert Kahn started documenting every culture of the global human family. Kahn financed a team of photographers to take pictures from around the world. In fact, these Albert Kahn archives are made up of a portfolio of images portraying human history With the autochrome development, the Lumière brothers helped Kahn achieve his dream of bringing together the cultures of various countries. He financed the creation of The Archives of the Planet. Albert Kahn archives are made up work from 50 different countries, and Kahn kept amazing records in very neatly organised files in his home. Khan only showed these autochromes to a few hundred people but today visitors to Paris can visit the Albert Kahn Museum and Gardens. Today, Kahn Awards go to the artist who displays certain criteria which include talent but also a concern for social problems.

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