A brief look at Albert Kahn architecture over the years

Kahn was born in a Jewish family on 21 March 1869 in Rhaunen, Kingdom of Prussia. He went to Detroit in 1880, when he was only eleven years old. Here he received a professional training as an apprentice for an architect with Mason and Rice. Albert Kahn architecture influenced many buildings used for industrial work. These include the building of General Motors in Detroit, the University of Michigan and many luxury residences belonging to automotive executives. His World War period buildings include the Willow Run Bomber plant built for Ford. He also designed the Glen Martin bomber plant at Baltimore, later used for assembly and manufacture of automobiles. Albert Kahn’s factories were the first to use steel sash in concrete framed structures, which he designed with his associate Ernest Wilby. Albert Kahn was working until 1942, completing fifty-seven years of practice as an architect. The Albert Kahn architecture name continues to operate under Albert Kahn Associates, Inc. to this day. Style stands the test of time.

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