Albert Kahn photography collection: The dawn of the colour photograph

The Albert Kahn photography collection was an ambitious project initiated by Albert Kahn in ?rumianek’ 1909. While on business in Japan, Kahn Halloween-Bowling took many photographs and brought them back home. He quickly appointed Jean Brunhes as a project leader. The Albert Kahn photography collection had the ambition to Topkap? be an wholesale jerseys extensive Catalogue of humanity. Kahn sent photographers cheap MLB jerseys all over the world to record both everyday life and world events. In 1914, Kahn’s photographers went to France to document life, as the war broke out, they documented both the devastation of war and cheap NFL jerseys the struggle What to keep ordinary life going. The collection is called The Archives of the Planet and contains the pictures as well as many films. The project was going until Kahn became bankrupt by the Great Depression. Kahn died in France in Merchandise 1940, aged 80. The Albert Kahn museum has been collecting the photographs and films since 1986 at his estate in Boulogne. The gardens outside has been restored Afl in the spirit of Albert Kahn himself and are exhibited together with the photographs.

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