The Albert Kahn Garden of the World

Paris offers so many beautiful attractions to its visitors, but no one should miss going at least once to the famous Albert Kahn Garden (Jardin Albert Kahn). Make your way to Boulogne-Billancourt via the metro, a 10-minute trip that takes you somewhere unusual and well worth your time. Once there, you will see not only the Albert Kahn Garden but his wonderful photography Museum as well. In the Museum, you will find photographs from around the world that make up the Albert Kahn collection or the “photographic inventory of life”. The garden itself is not just one garden but rather, a reflection of Japanese gardens, Nordic, French fruit and English rose gardens. All are beautifully designed, maintained and extremely peaceful. In 2016 there will be some renovation projects being undertaken, with a new building to replace the current Museum planned for 2018. Paris is a frenetic, fascinating city that is constantly on the move, so a visit to these peaceful gardens with time to relax and reflect on life is a pure extravagance. People go to Paris for indulgence in good food, good wine and of course great culture and art. For Albert Kahn lovers, this garden is a work of art and something not to be missed. Apply now for a loan that will pay your way to Paris and your chance to indulge in its magical delights.

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