About the Site

This blog is to introduce you to a truly amazing Frenchman Albert Kahn. Due to his philanthropic idea, we have a collection of over 72,000 photographs from around the world during the early 20th century. Depicting life at it was at that time and includes the events of the First World War. Albert Kahn’s photography crusade began in 1909 and ended in 1931, a span of 22years and an around the globe visual history was created. This ‘Archives of the Planet’ includes the work of many photographers in Albert Kahn’s attempt to document buildings and culture around the world. This blog will explore the man, his history and the extraordinary photographs he commissioned and collated. The collection is now housed in a museum in a garden he also commissioned, Les Jardins Du Monde in Paris. The French National Museum house not only his photographs but films as well. all of which we intend to explore on this site If anyone has had the opportunity to view some of his work or know of it, then your comments and reflections would be very welcome.

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